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   NEW PRODUCTS OF BIRDS & SMALL ANIMAL CONTROL 2017 ( suitable for oil & gas and high security area only )

Functional Characteristics

Thanks to different settings and compatible diffusers, the RD5000RF device allows to fight against rodents and pigeons/sparrows This system consists of a control central which can be remotely connected up to 255 diffusers.RD2000 Transponder diffusing low frequencies in solid and compact materials (metals, cement, rocks, etc...)


Ultrasonic diffuser 360° RD2000 AP

Ultrasonic diffuser RD5000 DIFF RF

RD5000 RF allows you to connect 3 types of diffusers in wireless mode (Easy Connect Mode).

RD5000 RF allows easy and fast installation (no cables, no complex connections...)

Diffusers can also be connected in wired mode if the operator prefers.

Emissions can be differentiated and are adjustable in spectrum frequency and power.

Time programming module.






BR2 and CAO4 are 2 sound emitters that can be used to protect large agricultural, industrial or urban areas against many species of birds. These systems hunt birds by forcing them to find another place to rest and food by generating them permanent stress. It benefits from the latest technological advances (support, management and programming data).

BR2 and CAO4 systems emit cries of birds (distress and predators) – high and low frequencies – recorded on external media (USB stick or SD card) inserted in the device, and broadcast by modular HP connected to 20 meters of cable. The principle of random sound emission is present especially to minimize any risk of habit.

File management :

4 sound files saved on the USB key.


The programmation of cries and frequencies is done inside the device: random scaring mode, time between 2 sessions of cries, volume.

2 HP (with each 20 meters of cable) are provided with BR2 to protect an area up to 400 m2.

File management :

- 1 file « PREDATOR »

- 1 file « TARGET » each with 8 available tracks ie 16 sounds recorded on the SD card.

Cries and frequencies programmation can be accessed via the front control buttons: random scaring mode, twin light cell setting  (24h - diurnal - nocturnal), spacing between two sessions of cries, sound level.

4 HP (with each 20 meters of cable) are provided with CAO4 to protect large areas up to 2 ha.

+ Scalable System : sound storage file can be changed at any time by Noryous.

NEW DEVICE FOR RATS & RODENTS PROBLEM...for Industrial & Commercial Use



RAT DOWN RD BOX is an efficient device for rodents eradication and capture in all types of professional environments. A counting function is also available when detection module is positioned in the box.



RD Box is an electronical and mechanical system to attract and capture rodents in strategic

indoor or outdoor areas. This mode of capture is reliable, not cruel for rodents and safe for the environment, human health and pets.




Rodents enter in the device by a slope. A sensor detects rodent which is then electrocuted.

a trap door opens allowing the pest to be collected in a tank which contains a mixture with antimicrobial and anti-odorant properties. A removable feeder is located inside the device

with an opening on the side for a better diffusion of Mix Attract natural appetizing mixture.


The RD Box has a handle integrated into the cover to be more convenient and easily to

use. The lid is equipped


Secure access to the electronic device and tank which contains the solution and rodents corpses. Two holes in the base of the box. A location above the hatch has been provided

to accommodate a detection module for the counting of rodents and monitoring by Noryous Central).



RDetect detection system is a reliable system for rodents’ detections and monitoring installations equipped or not equipped with RAT DOWN systems

Functional Characteristics


Thanks to the quality of its design and detection modules, the RDetect is a reliable device to

detect rats and mice in several configurations:


1) Along the baseboards thanks to the fastening system .

2) Inside the RD Box

3) On a traditional Bait Box.

This system is composed of a central control unit with up to 70 modules connected.


RDetect central unit can be installed easily and quickly (no cables, no complex connections ...).This central contains powerful software that allows data transmission, periodic reports and detailed assessment tables.


The operator can consult remotely data provided with the extranet numbers of rodents detected for each module, day and time of passage. These data can also be consulted directly on the

control panel display.

Two uses are possible:


Before the protection against pests to isolate infested zones and to elaborate the adapted protocol.


Simultaneously with the protection protocol to ensure the monitoring and follow-up of the infestation.


Technical Characteristics


Autonomy of each detection module: 5 to 6 months depending on the detection frequency. Protection of small and large areas according to the number of detection modules connected.



Results can also be collected on a laptop with a USB key connected to the central.



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